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Just Property is a brand that is going places. Starting in the rental industry in 2000, we’ve become the leading rental agency in South Africa, winning multiple International Property Awards since, as not only the leading Rental Agency in Africa but also the Best Estate Agency in Africa. As our sales capacity grows, we are well-positioned to dominate the local market. Our people, processes and technology are all clearly focused on raising the real estate game in Southern Africa.

We are looking for dynamic, energetic, forward-thinking people to join our network! Ready to join the group that invests in you?

Join the group that invests in you
Franchise Business & Agent Development

We extend our commitment to fostering collaboration and working towards a shared vision through our national workshops conducted year-round. These exclusive events bring together both franchisees and agents, creating a dynamic platform for networking, sharing insights, and collectively advancing our objectives. During these workshops, ideas are exchanged, strategies are refined, and our franchise network's strong sense of community is fortified.

The Power Of A Recognised Brand

Our standing as a centre of excellence has garnered international acclaim, underscored by our multiple prestigious awards from The International Property Awards. The marketing function at Head Office covers a wide portfolio, including lead generation, website & SEO management, brand awareness, internal brand sentiment, office promotions, public relations, and so much more.

With meticulous care, we oversee the consistent application of our brand throughout our franchise regions and marketing materials. This unwavering commitment to uniformly uphold our corporate identity ensures that our brand assets distinguish themselves in the competitive landscape.


At Just Property, we leverage cutting-edge and established technologies, remaining agile in response to market conditions. Our systems encompass a proprietary suite of technology services, including software and integrations with key industry partners such as TPN, Lightstone and Prop Data, facilitated by our on-site Systems & Support team.

Our cloud-based software solution is tailored for Just Property and features a structured core and a range of supplementary elements that empower agents, franchisees, and managers to streamline operations easily and efficiently.

Learning & Development

We prioritise the comprehensive training of our network, ensuring they remain well-equipped and up-to-date with all necessary compliance and statutory training obligations. Our commitment to lifelong learning is exemplified through our free training initiatives, encompassing introductory programs, advanced skills development, and systems training.

Words From Our Network

"Just Property stands out above the rest and this owes to our Design Department that ensures that our marketing materials are always one step ahead of our competitors. There is constant innovation and new ideas being brought to light and great support that is always ready for the next idea/ design. Our IT systems are state of the art… and get the job done much quicker... The IT systems walk hand in hand with amazing IT support... Head Office is constantly coming up with bigger and better marketing campaigns to keep the interest of the public focused solely on what we will do next. All this excites me as a Franchisee."
Yolanda Cornelius
Just Property Legends Franchisee

Words From Our Network

If you are looking to invest in a property franchise it is critical to do your homework. There are many franchise groups selling franchises and without knowing the industry intimately one might assume they are all very similar. Just Property is not the same as all the others; it has a phenomenal brand, it is a young dynamic company with a sustainable business model that keeps going from strength to strength. I can say without a doubt that Investing in my own franchise was the best decision I ever made... The support and direction our Head office provides are world-class. The business consistently provides for our staff and property practitioners as well as my own family.
Shaun du Bois
Just Property Choice Franchisee

Words From Our Network

I have worked for various property brands and also directly for developers. When it came to the decision of which franchise group I wanted to be a part of, I immediately knew it must be Just Property. Their experience...is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of their contracts and processes, legally compliant, efficient and fair to all parties. At Just Property, the franchisee gets a fantastic offering in terms of IT, systems, training and what makes it really great is the property practitioners have access to these as well. Just Property is dynamic and ever-changing, keeping me on my toes. I love it this way!
Ria Taljaard
Just Property Kalahari, Upington, and Kururman Franchisee

Words From Our Network

I have been part of this amazing brand and its journey since 2006. The brand and its people have always been resilient - facing challenges as a collective and coming out on top every time. As a born entrepreneur, it's a wonderful organisation to be part of. Our Head Office is continuously at the forefront of innovation… Our leaders are inspirational individuals who have taken the brand to what is undoubtedly one of the leading property companies in South Africa today. As a franchisee, you are given all the support you could ever need but also the freedom to use your own initiative and build your own empire. Our focus on values creates the type of environment where employees thrive - on a personal and business level. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of the Just Property family - I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!
Pieter van den Berg
Just Property Prosper Franchisee

Words From Our Network

I have been in the Property Industry ever since, and the joy in owning the Just Property Heritage franchise together with Anton has been one of the best experiences ever. Just Property as a brand has been around for over 20 years and is well-recognised in the marketplace. The brand offers the most incredible training, marketing, leadership and support to its franchisees and it is a privilege to work with the Head Office team. Our brand merge that we recently did was very positive. Our agents see the benefits of a Company with Big Vision, incorporating Sales and Rental divisions that work and a Franchisor and team that has the best interest of his Franchisees at heart. We are very proud to be part of the Just Property brand and believe that by partnering with them, we will achieve solid business growth for clients, ourselves and our agents. We operate within the Northern areas of Johannesburg as well as Randburg with a team of 50 property professionals, and we thrive on growing our team to be the best in the Country.
Lynda van de Venter
Just Property Heritage Franchisee

Words From Our Network

It was in 2020, during a hard lockdown, when I decided to check out Just Property Group. As I read about this brand, it was like reading about my own vision as a person. I saw myself in everything this brand represents. Just Property Values cemented it in my heart, and I knew then and there that was settled: I AM JUST PROPERTY. It has been an exhilarating journey, and I don’t regret the decision I took to join the Just Property family. When I say family, I mean it in the true sense of this word. The support one is getting from our Head Office is overwhelming. A big thanks to our CEO and the H/O team for believing in us and encouraging us. You guys are the best.
Zuki Nonkula
Just Property Mthatha & Queenstown Franchisee

Words From Our Network

Just Property's support has been structured so well with many talented individuals behind the scenes that assist business owners to tap into areas that are not just unknown but also where they might require a bit of assistance - Marketing & Design Team, Compliance Team, Hands on CEO and COO which are easy to communicate with and bounce ideas off of. The Head Office team allows the individual Franchises to collaborate with each other and share best practices with each other. They are also always available to unpack new ideas and implement these ideas into the Franchise Network. It is amazing that I can run my business how I want. However, I know I am not alone, and I have great individuals behind me that has a wealth of knowledge that can guide me, should I need it, in order to reach my goals.
Lawrence Homan
Just Property Living & Action Franchisee

Words From Our Network

Having owned two franchise brands previously, I can compare the value offerings, and the Just Property Group is far and away the most professional and best fit for our business. As the top-producing office nationally for 2 years before joining Just Property, we had high expectations, and the results are speaking for themselves, our gross profit is up (way up), we are growing as we benefit from the broad brand awareness, excellent systems and fantastic support team Just Property has in place.
Anton van de Venter
Franchisee of Just Property Heritage

Words From Our Network

January 2022, as it approached my 9-year anniversary with Just Property, I took the time to look back and reflect on the journey thus far, and it clicked. It was at this point I realised that Just Property was me, and I was Just Property. Years of dedication, hard work and loyalty got me to the point where I was, but I knew there was something more in store. I had finally come to the realisation that my years with the company and working in every aspect of the business allowed me the growth and training that I would need to own and run a successful real estate franchise.
Weslee Chetty
Franchisee of Just Property Queensburgh & Pinetown/Westville

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Our Partners

Strong partnerships make us who we are. Our network of highly professional partners includes attorneys, credit bureaus, software and platform providers, insurers, bond originators and more.

Service level agreements and dedicated account managers govern relations.

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