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Creating a Comprehensive Renovation Plan for Your Property: A Step-by-Step Guide

Renovating your property can be an exciting yet daunting task. To ensure your renovation project runs smoothly and achieves your desired outcomes, it’s crucial

To Rent Or To Buy – That Is The Question

Your current life stage, financial situation, and personal circumstances all play a crucial role in deciding whether you should rent or buy a property

Real Estate Market 2024: Paul Stevens' Outlook

The South African property market is entering a critical year in 2024, poised to be shaped by economic recovery, election uncertainty and evolving buyer trends.

Rezoning Your Property: An Opportunity For Growth?

Many property owners find themselves questioning how they can make the most of their assets. One strategy that is emerging is the idea of rezoning.

Beware The Property Scammers

With the costs of living increasing, and the unemployment rate high, fraudsters are rife, trying to make a quick buck.

Beat Interest Rate Woes: Increase Your Deposit. Here’s How...

When interest rates rise, monthly home loan repayments go up, too. This puts the dream of owning property out of reach for some prospective buyers.

Going Off-Grid

A recent snap survey of property agents found that they would add, on average, 16% to their valuation of a home if it were not reliant on the municipal grid.

Growing Wealth Through Property

Mr Justin Netshikulwe, Principal of Just Property Evolve, talks about the opportunities that property offers for growing generational wealth through investmen

Own Your Own Business - Invest In A Franchise

Franchising has been called the greatest business model ever invented and has enabled thousands of people worldwide to become owners of their own businesses.
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